Windows 7 or KDE 4

:wink: Enjoy!!

Thanks for the link.
I think, this link was already posted some where here in this forum some time ago, and i embed it as a “Featured video” in my blog(singature) a month ago. I love how they show the KDE desktop to people and they even did not notice, its Linux. Its because most of the normal user have no concern what OS they are using. Just office, browser and internet is working, that’s it for them.

No-one even noticed that the ‘Windows 7’ desktop looked so unusual…? Ah well, they probably expected it to look different from Vista, so they weren’t surprised.

I long to look at their faces when they were told what they saw was KDE4, not Windows 7. :slight_smile: They were told that later, weren’t they?

By the way, wasn’t the computer they presented running Kubuntu with KDE4? Or was it some other distro? I know you can make openSUSE’s KDE look like Kubuntu’s, though.

Actually it’s the default KDE theme: Air, if you are on KDE you got the same available to choose. SUSE KDE integration team(as any self respecting team) make tweaked version of it suseAir(firefox is not the only one tweaked thing in 11.2) :slight_smile:

“It looks easier” sad some people over the vid…“Welcome to the modern days” I would say to them :slight_smile: