Window style in OpenOffice

Hi all,

I recently did a fresh install of openSUSE 11.1 in my laptop (AMD Turion 64 X2, 2 Gb ram) and almost Everyhting went smoothly.

This time, instead of installing OpenOffice from the repositories I used the RPMs that can be downloaded in the OpenOffice site. the install performed well and there were no troubles. There is however a slightly annoying thing with the window styles. The normal KDE or GTK styles used by other programs do not appear here and the thing looks like the old windows 95.

In the past I have also installed these rpms, but the window styles were those used by the rest of the programs in KDE. I wonder if someone has any idea of what’s going on.


There are two versions of OpenOffice, Sun and Go-OO which is the one branded by Novell. If you downloaded from the Sun site, you won’t get any of the openSUSE branding.

If you download from the openSUSE repos, you should also find in YaST the additional packages needed for branding, etc.