Will Tumbleweed get KDE 4.13?

I’m new to TW and I’m curious about some package update process. KDE:Current already have KDE 4.13. Will TW repo be update to 4.13 as well? Is there any roadmap or a place where I can find this kind of info?

Should be this week, it took 5 days for the last one to get into Tumbleweed repo.

Hi Garikfox,


Just found the TW mailing list about the 4.13 update: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-kde/2014-04/msg00155.html

No, that is the “opensuse-kde” mailing list, although the link you posted is an interesting one for the 4.13 update when it happens. :slight_smile:

The Tumbleweed mailing list is actually the “opensuse-factory” mailing list where Greg K-H usually announces/discusses important updates, e.g. the recent “Gnome 3.12 now in openSUSE:Tumbleweed”.

Yes, you are right! I confused the topic with the list! Right topic, wrong list, lol.

Looking forward to this update, especially since the annoying mouse forward/back selects files “feature” in dolphin has been removed in 4.13.0 :P.

There are a lot of good improvements in this update indeed. Baloo seems to be much stable and faster then Nepomuk and Kdepim received a lot of improvements also.

Any further news?

News if any could most likely hit the Factory mailing list first. I saw nothing there late yesterday. Given the initial issues with Baloo, and already fixes/updates released, I’m not surprised we haven’t seen it yet.