Will Pithos, Bluetooth or KDE Connect ever get fixed?

Am bewildered by the inconsistency of opensuse either Leap or Tumbleweed. I can install Kubuntu without a hitch. Pithos which I really like to use while I work installs without problems. But when it comes to me and Leap or Tumbleweed, it sometimes works and sometimes not. I get the " st-stream-error-quark: GStreamer encountered a general stream error. (1)" A couple times when I installed Leap or Tumbleweed on a couple of other hard drives, it works perfectly. Then, like today, I installed on a brand new hard drive and a brand new USB drive, it doesn’t work. Neither does Bluetooth or KDEConnect. It will not find my phone LG G3 or my samsung tablet. I want to learn Leap and Tumbleweed better, but cannot transfer files over wifi but have to go to gdrive and then to my computer. Any suggestions especially on pithos, bluetooth and KDE Connect. Thanks so much for working with a not a computer newbie, but new to opensuse newbie;):wink:

I’m the packager/maintainer for Pithos, works fine here on both openSUSE Leap 42.1 and Tumbleweed “20160417” Gnome, maybe you don’t have multimedia setup?

Since your using KDE Plasma? Can’t comment on the other queries.

well you’re mixing apple’s and oranges, kubuntu is a stable distro tw is a rolling one
there was a bug with kdeconnect-kde5 that was fixed a few months ago and I’ve been using it since then with out an issue.
I can’t comment about bluetooth as I don’t use it, but if you are having hardware issues maybe you should report them in bugzilla so they get fixed.

anyhow you’ve not said what your issues wore I’m just guessing from the title of your post, maybe you can be more specific?

Thanks folks for the timely response. Clementine and amarok work fine. How do I know that the multimedia piece is set up correctly? Thanks package manager for pithos for responding. I really enjoy using it on Kubuntu, and want to get it working correctly on Leap and TW. I realize that TW is the rolling release and things get broken. I don’t know if it is genuinely a g-streamer problem or a qt5 type problem. What info do I need to give you on Pithos. I am using Leap with the new Plasma 5.5 interface.

The only thing I see when starting pithos from the command line is deprecated gtk warnings, what do you get if you exclude those warnings?

Have a read here for multimedia;

For kdeconnect to work you need to allow the kdeconnect service in the opensuse firewall
so goto yast->firewall and enable the kdeconnect service

do you have the packman repo enabled and set as the preferred repo?
post the output of

zypper lr -d

it might be that you have the crippled versions of gstreamer