Will OpenSuse 13.1 get KDE 4.14.6 upgrade?

My home machine running OpenSuse 13.2 got KDE 4.14.6 upgrade, but my work machine running OpenSuse 13.1 is stuck with KDE 4.14.4. I cannot upgrade my work PC to 13.2 as it does not work with Samsung Ativ 8 laptop. KDE 4.14.6 kas Kontakt/Akonadi fixes to issue preventing me from using Kontakt as my only E-mail/Calendar solution. Hence the question, is KDE 4.14.6 update coming to OpenSuse 13.1?

13.1 does/did not even get an update to 4.14.4… It comes with 4.11.

The latest KDE version should be available for 13.1 in the KDE:Current repo, as always, though.
As you have “KDE 4.14.4” (which doesn’t exist btw, 4.14.3 was the last 4.14 release, the current one is 14.12.3, you have KDE 14.12.1), you probably added that repo to your system, right?

And this repo does contain KDEPIM 4.14.6 at the moment, since 2 weeks actually.
But unfortunately, for some reason the packages are not published at the moment.
As most of them are also building at the moment, I guess you just have to wait. (a few days maybe)

See also: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/KDE:Current

If this is not resolved in a few days (after the packages finished building), I suppose it would be best to ping the KDE maintainers on the opensuse-kde@opensuse.org mailinglist or even http://bugzilla.opensuse.org/ .
Maybe enabling publishing has just been forgotten…
Btw, the thread’s title says “Will OpenSuse 13.2 get KDE 4.14.6 upgrade?”. I guess that’s a typo? :wink:

This is contradictiory with the title of your thread! (do you want me to change the 13.2 in 13.1 in the title, when that is what you mean?)

Thank you for your advice, I’ll check in a few days again. And I do have KDE:Current repo added.
I haven’t got used to the new version numbering, especially when they sometimes both are used, but that is not too important, I think.

Yes please. Thanks for catching the typo.

This is a tad confusing.

I move the mouse to “Help” on a KDE application, and click “About KDE”. And it tells me “Platform Version 4.14.6”.

Yes, KDE has made their versioning more complex. But it still seems reasonable to call that “KDE 4.14.6”

Yes, kdelibs4 (the “Platform”) is at version 4.14.6. But that doesn’t say anything about the version of any application.
Try to click “About Konsole” in Konsole e.g. It will (probably) tell you “Version 2.14.2”…

And baloo e.g. is still at 4.14.3 (there has not and will not be any further KDE4 releases), kactivities even at 4.13.3.
Not to mention kdebase4-workspace (i.e. Plasma), which decided to stay at 4.11 nearly 1 and a half years ago already.

Yes, KDE has made their versioning more complex. But it still seems reasonable to call that “KDE 4.14.6”

No, they didn’t make their versioning more complex, at least not now.
They just decided to not release everything together anymore.

And what sense does it make to release a Kompare 4.14.6 e.g., when there have been absolutely no changes to it since 4.14.3 (or even earlier versions).
Also, some applications are ported to KF5 already and the KDE4 version is not maintained at all any more.

To make announcements easier, they “invented” the time-based versioning scheme. 14.12.3 means “the 3rd bugfix release to the 14.12 release”, where 14.12 comes from the month when it was released (12/2014).
The different components still have their (own) version numbers though. And that part is not even new, see Konsole e.g.

KDEPIM does (still) follow the same versioning scheme as kdelibs4 though, i.e. it is at version 4.14.6 now.

Thank you all! The update has already been published.