Will not retain resolution /refresh across boots.

12.1, Kde 4.7.2 The system will not retain my chosen resolution and/or refresh rate across boots using either the Kde Display settings or the Nvidia settings utility. It just reverts to the default setting.

The latest proprietary driver from Nvidia repo is installed.

How can I make it retain my settings.

Just a couple of questions.

  1. Have you tried running nvidia-settings as root (in KDE use Alt-F2: kdesu /usr/bin/nvidia-settings) and saving your setup?
  2. Do you have an option to connect your monitor using HDMI or DVI and not using VGA?

Can you tell us more about your nVIDIA chipset/video card and your monitor type and connection?

Thank You,

Yes to #1

#2 my monitor is an nec xm29 extra which is a crt using vga connector.

#3 video card is a Nvidia Geforce 6800 gs in an agp slot on the motherboard .