WiFi weird issue. Works but not.


this is the issue: if I connect for the first time in a wifi network and I input the password correctly, it works perfectly but, if I make an error, that wifi network won’t be able to work. I can connect but there is no internet. I’ve tried “forgetting” the network and try reconnecting again but nothing seems to work and I do not know what can it be.

Since I am not sure what do you need, in case somebody wants to help me, please, tell me the commands I need to run in order to get what you need to help me. “Let me help you, help me”.


PS: sorry for my English. I wish somebody can figure this out.

Hi toskar. Welcome to openSUSE forums. Which desktop environment are you using? (Gnome, KDE,…)

It might be the DE’s password manager that’s resulting in the strange behaviour. I think I’ve experienced similar behaviour previously as well. I usually define my connections using the ‘All user’s may connect to this network’ option. That results in NM storing the secrets itself. (Note that any connection that you define with Network Manager results in a configuration file located in the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ directory.)