wierd shutdown

i have the 13.2 on my workstation …when i shutdown it goes to grub command and wunt proceed to poweroff auto. i power it down manually on the cpu and restart it. without doing anyworkspace action i again shut it down and it safely shutsdown. what may be the problem? i am a linusperson and i have to use this for a RDBMS training program in 2015

What might the hardware be??

Was 13.2 installed as an upgrade from a previous version (which?) or a clean new install?

What video card and driver??

Hardware: Acer veriton S680G 3.2ghz i5 8gb RAM ddr3 1TB HDD with integrated intel graphics but i put a Nvidia Geforce GT610 2GB for better gaming.

Software: i have win 8 64 bit os occupying 250gb of my hdd for gaming. i need the opensuse for college. OpenSUSE 13.2 is new linux distro for me not an upgrade!!

so i know win 8 cant go well with other os . what would be your advice people?

You can dual boot or run Win 8 in a VM. should not be a problem

Having both Intel and NVIDA could be a problem go to BIOS and shut down the Intel GPU.