Why updates for python-2.7?

Just received updates for basic python-2.7 language and some python-2.7 components. This was a surprise to me. As I understand, python-2.7 is basically deprecated for new development and is only supported to keep old processes running that use python-2.7 functions. That is why, as I have seen written, it is not a good idea to remove python-2.7. But new development is done in python-3+.

Not an earthshaking question but who is doing these updates? Perhaps they are just the same old code reissued with a new version number and are not real updates.

Perhaps, I should have asked this question on some python site. I can accept that response. But maybe someone has some insights.

thanks, tom kosvic

Security and bug fixes, it will be supported for a while longer. Have a read of the changelog…

I do not not specially about python, but as an openSUSE Leap version will not change to a newer version of it’s software packages during it’s lifetime, it will provide security and important patches as Update, sometimes retro-fitted, for the versions it is released with.

That could be the case here.