Why is MESA 18.3.0 being held back?

I periodically use this little tool to track package updates and know what’s predicted to land in Tumbleweed:


I’m seeing an unprecedented move which I had to ask about: For roughly 4 to 6 months, a major update is being held back for MESA. 18.1.7 has been the latest version in Factory for nearly half an year… meanwhile Devel had version 18.2.x and is now at 18.3.x.

Why such a delay? Do modern MESA versions contain an incompatibility with the libraries currently used by openSUSE? I assume a bug is out of the question, as anything major would have been fixed in all these months for such an essential component.

Please ask the maintainer, we have no answer here to ‘why’ questions like this. I also already explained that everything needs to get through openqa before it gets released.

I understand. I assumed it might be some major issue others know about considering how long the delay is. Not sure who the MESA maintainer is, though I am on the Freenode IRC channel if they’re also present there.

Either check the Mesa changelog or look on OBS, probably best since maintainer and bug owner may be different;

Not sure which Freenode channel your on… there are many :wink:

This is from the weekly Tumbleweed report:

There are mostly the same big chunks left in the staging areas, some making minor progress though:
 glibc 2.28, Python 3.7, openssl 1.1.1: the main blocker, that  prevented this staging from building at all, could be identified  (perl5.28 caused an endless loop in makeinfo during execution). The  staging is still far from ready though, as Python 3.7 is known to be  incompatible to SaltMesa 18.3LLVM7: rust fails to build with LLVM7Installer redesign: the sidebar is coming back (showing where in the installation workflow one is currently)PostgreSQL 11Linux kernel 4.19.8Perl 5.28Qt 5.12.0KDE Applications 18.12.0



Thanks. That offers a little bit of insight. It is likely an issue of getting all of the updated libraries together and working at once, as I suspected at first.

mesa 18.3.1 is included in the next snapshop (14122018) which is being tested now.

Noticed that on the Boombatower page earlier. Very good news indeed! I hope there won’t need to be any essential updates held back for +3 months in the future, especially for kernels and video drivers.