Why is Firefox so... big?

I know laptops don’t have the bigest of screens, so this could just be a proportionality issue, but I’d just like to know for sure: Why is my firefox so big? Or why does it look to be the way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I make it smaller? The top of it takes up a solid 1/4 of my screen real estate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this
Hold down Ctrl and press the -

or the same : Hold down Ctrl and roll the mouse wheel towards you 1 notch

Does it make any difference?

> Can I make it smaller? The top of it takes up a solid 1/4 of my screen
> real estate. :stuck_out_tongue:

i know! the only thing i hate worse is the way IE and Word takes HALF
the screen!!

here are some things that might make you smile:

-press F11 to go full screen (without the toolbars taking any real
estate) [then press F11 again to get back to cluttered up normal]

-in FF menu go: View > Toolbars and turn some off (including the
bottom “status bar” which will give more content visible…

-go: View > Toolbars > Customize and remove some/all of the unneeded
features’ icons (like, do you really need an icon to cut, copy, paste,
print, zoom in, zoom out, go back one page, etc etc etc when there are
easy to remember keyboard shortcuts?)

-add the Add-on Tiny Menu v2.0.2

-in Personal Settings Configure Desktop (in KDE3.5) go: (well, i can’t
now find it now but KNOW you can:
– change a menu style which just has a WORD, or a WORD and an ICON,
or just an ICON…i think the default is to have both a word an an
icon…mine is just a word and that saves LOTS of space
– adjust the size of the icons used


‘Use small icons’ makes a modest difference here too.

You can hide the bookmarks menu bar from the View option too.

Whoa! Thanks for all the great responses!

As for the Ctrl+"-" and Ctrl+"+" I didn’t want to distort the way pages are meant to be displayed, as doing this screwed up a few pages for me. But thank you for the suggestion.

Secondly, I LIVE with my bookmarks toolbar haha. I used to hate it, but now I’ve got every site I love squished in there with indecipherable acronyms :stuck_out_tongue: But again, thanks for the suggestion.

The suggestions I used where the Tiny Menu, thus eliminating my menu bar, which saved a considerable amount of space. I also enabled Small Icons (And my icons where already Icons only, not Icons + Text :)) and I got rid of the status bar (I might bring this one back, I like to know where I’m being linked to, or if something is loading or not…) And of course, I’ll take advantage of full screen mode occasionally, when the ONLY thing I’m doing is browsing.

Anyway, thanks a lot you guys, I really appreciate it.

For the record, I went from this:


to this: