Why does my home folder have public_html?

Why is there both a “public” and “public_html” folder in my home folder? I’m using KDE 4.3.1 and opensuse 11.2.

Is this normal?

Home folder is created by copying /etc/skel
If you make changes to /ect/skel, it will have effect on the newly created home folders.

I’m not sure I understand, or if you answered my question.

I installed openSUSE 11.2 from DVD. I did not notice before if there was a public or public_html folder but I noticed it today. What I want to know is, are these folders both put there by default in opensuse 11.2 KDE? Or have they been put there by some program? (Because I did not add them, nor did I alter /etc/skel)

Yes, if you run a webserver you can then point to your home directory
and create your own user home pages, as well as using for web
development in public_html

Public is used for samba shares.

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I had the same thoughts myself and decided to delete them last week. No problems found.

OK, but I’m not running a web server (or at least don’t want to). How do I find if one is running or if that folder is just there by default with no web server?

did you install any web servers, like Apache or LightTPD? what about
web authoring programs or environments like NVU, QuantraPlus,
SeaMonkey, etc??

any of those might have made those folders…you know that YaST will
follow the directions within and RPM and build new directories needed
by any and every program you install…and, most uninstall directions
leave directories there even if you delete the programs (because it is
expected that any htmls you created you want to keep)…

and those folders could have been there for a very long time if you
kept your /home as you moved up to 11.2…

are the folders empty? well, whether empty or not just rename or move
them under a directory (say) /home/[you]/trashMaybe and if after some
days or weeks, no programs you use complain and there is nothing in
them you want, dump them.


The actual folder as far as I can tell is made when the MySQL libraries are pulled in (atleast that’s what made it appear on my other system running Chakra).

MySQL is also a requirement for Akondi, Strigi aswell as far as i can see. Maybe with the default install’s that’s what creates the folder as they are dependencies for KDE.

They are there by default and created by appaarmor, just delete them…

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As I mentioned in my post, public_html folder is created from the skeleton folder entries /etc/skel
So, you if you create any user in the system, openSUSE will clone the skeleton folder.

Glad to hear that. I’ll probably delete it if it annoys me enough, but otherwise leave it in case I have to share any files FROM my system I guess.