Why aren't the start-up launched applications not hidden?

I added yakuake and kopete to the system launch in the KDE control center. But after every start they appear on my screen - yakuake on top, and kopete as a window in the edge of my screen.

I’d like them to start minimized. I don’t know what causes this, since when I manually run them from Konsole, their windows don’t seem to pop up - they only appear in the background.

There are probably more solutions. One of them is to configure special window settings:

  • Click on application icon in top-left corner of window
  • select Advantage > Special window settings
  • Go to Geometry tab
  • Check Minimized, select Use on start, and check the check box on right. Then Apply.
    The setting will be used always you run your application.

Under ‘advanced’ menu in kopete i’ve only got ‘always on top’ ‘always on bottom’ and ‘fullscreen’.