Who here works with Linux?

Whether it is one server running Linux, or an entire office of Linux-only machines, who does actual work (making money) with Linux? It can be openSUSE, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, SLED/SLES or whatever.

I did for a very short time when we were running VMs, but since have moved to VMWare ESX which I think is technically Linux, but I’m not counting that.

If you do work with Linux, post how or in what capacity (one server, all desktops, etc.) and how do you, if ever, use it?

dragonbite wrote:
> If you do work with Linux, post how or in what capacity

i use linux only and have since about 2002 (booted only Linux and OS/2
from about '98)

i work only from my home office, normally with one desktop machine and
do a variety of things for pocket change: web design, some writing
(ghost, otherwise and editing–mostly lyric lately), but mostly
‘playing’ the stock market and selling man portable nuclear weapon
designs to third world countries…

just checking to see if ‘they’ are watching :slight_smile:

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I assume primarily openSUSE?

dragonbite wrote:
> I assume primarily openSUSE?

since about '98 several (RH, Mandrivia, Fedora, and others) i settled
on Fedora but got a 64 bit computer about the same time a 64 bit
version of SuSE 9.x (don’t remember for sure, but i think 9.2) disk
was stuck to a mag i got in the mail…been on SuSE/SUSE/openSUSE since…

but, have the latest Debian on my sandbox…(but, hoping 11.4 will be
close to as stable as 10.3)

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We do have a number of Linux desktop and Linux servers at the location where I work, but I don’t work with them in my position/job (and hence there are some real Linux guru’s at our office to whom I can not hold a candle when it comes to Linux knowledge).

Most of the servers (in our office) are Red Hat Linux, although where Linux has been chosen as a desktop there are also a small/smattering number of SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) versions.

We use Linux servers within our wireless broadband (DMR) network, mostly used for network config backups and various monitoring roles. I sometimes have to login remotely as required, for diagnostic and admin purposes. We use nagios to monitor our network, and test network performance with iperf servers. I use both Linux and Windows in my job as Field Service Engineer to monitor the network and configure our Linksys and Mikrotik routers/radios.

Does school count? :stuck_out_tongue:

All client computers at school run Ubuntu and most of the servers run Mandriva. I said most servers run Mandriva because one is Windows Server 2003 for the proprietary student management system that Staff rdesktop into (RDP). Also me and two other students have a Debian sandbox on the servers we do a lot of testing on. There is also a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server to manage printing. If students are running Linux at school on their laptops then they will most likely be Ubuntu (I think I am the only student at the school who runs a different distro on my laptop - openSUSE :wink: ) - Our school computer technician runs Gentoo on his laptop. We are known as the open source school :slight_smile:

At our data center, we have many Linux servers and one Solaris server. The Solaris server runs the Sybase DB. More than 98% of out desktops/laptops are running openSUSE. 2% of desktops/laptops are either Mac or Windows. Windows machines are kept isolated from our internal network and are used only for connecting to certain 3rd parties where Linux or Mac is not supported.
We have about 40+ openSUSE servers and 600+ openSUSE desktops/laptops in UAE alone.

ah7013 wrote:
> We are known as the open source school :slight_smile:

please name your school…i may want to make a donation!

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That’s awesome!

I’m only using openSUSE desktop. No dual boot.
Work from home.
Used nothing else since SuSE8.2

Does using Linux for home schooling my child count? I have my desktop and server. My server runs CentOS and ATutor web based application to keep track of all his course materials. My Desktop is openSUSE. Of course I do computer/Networking work on the side for extra income…lol

Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: - It is called Albany Senior High School in Auckland, New Zealand. Here is their webpage:
Albany Senior High School » Home

And a page which talks about some of the open source tools we use:
e-learning at ASHS - WikiEducator

Here are some technical details to those who are interested - from a recent presentation (had no idea about the XP server till now sorry :expressionless: ):

  • Ubuntu on all Desktops/Laptops.
  • Mandriva on all Servers.
  • Four physical servers:
  • Firewall (iptables/NuFW).
  • Storage server (NFSv4 with 10 GbE interface).
  • KVM Hypervisor (A)
  • KVM Hypervisor (B)
  • Managed Layer II switching fabric.

Technical Overview - Hypervisor VM’s

  • OpenLDAP, Kerberos, DNS, DHCP… (Mandriva).
  • CUPS/Papercut (RHEL).
  • PABX software (Windows XP).
  • Student Management Software (Windows 2008).
  • Student sandbox (Debian)
  • Student managed Video Server (Ubuntu)

Technical Overview - Hypervisors:

  • All VLANs are trunked into each Hypervisor. Virtmanager is then used to assign guests into appropriate VLANs.
  • LVM is used to manage storage at both the Hypervisor and guest level. This allows us to create/grow guests very easily.

Technical Overview - Storage:

  • 7TB RAID6 with HS + 10GbE.
  • NFS chosen to avoid a “non-UNIX” protocol in the middle of two UNIX machines.
  • NFSv4 with Kerberos required to prevent users from spoofing others UIDs.

Technical Overview - Firewall

  • NuFW/nulog/nuface/iptables.
  • Commercially available as Eden Wall.
  • Authenticates the establishment of all states.
  • Allows logging of traffic at user/application level.
  • Allows network segregation of management VLAN.
  • Allows network segregation of student server VLAN – access by UID/GID.
  • Forms the basis of true SSO (future roadmap).

Yes, everything!

I work for SUSE/Novell and… I use GNU/Linux only :wink:

I install two small WEB servers (one real new and one very old), both use Linux, but that is all, everything else, including our large WEB server, are based on Windows, too bad on that…

Thank You,

We use linux for all our routers and firewalls (vyatta), for storage (FreeNAS and openfiler) and the servers (CentOS) mostly.

Best regards,

I stated ‘NO’ in the poll, but I probably should have stated ‘YES, Somethings’.

For my work in analysis of data, I will likely be provided access fairly soon to a licenced instance of Matlab, and our office Matlap implementation is executing on a high performance central computer/server running SLED or SLES, which we access from our desktop winXP client PCs using a version of Nx.

I “am” my own private company, working from home. As such I manage a couple of openSUSE networks, all designed and setup by yours truely

Environment: openSUSE only, 1 server, 4 PC’s, 2 laptops, 1 netbook (my activities leave enough capacity to allow 2 PC’s, 1 laptop and 1 netbook to be used by wife and kids)
Literally all computer work is done in this network. My eldest son has his own PC, with an XP install for gaming.

ah7013 wrote:
> ‘Albany Senior High School » Home’ (http://ashs.school.nz/)
> ‘e-learning at ASHS - WikiEducator’
> (http://wikieducator.org/Albany_Senior_High_School/e-learning)

wow! that is cool to the extreme!!
thanks for making us aware…

heres a hope that open takes over Down Under!

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I feel annoyed that I can’t put my wide range of languages on stupid
Facebook. For example, I speak Sarcasm, fluently spoken and written,
and Various Forms of Geek…

DenverD wrote:

> wow! that is cool to the extreme!!
> thanks for making us aware…
> heres a hope that open takes over Down Under!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes it surely is a hope that open source will take over down here :slight_smile:

Thanks, Andrew
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