Which SuSE to install?

Hi, this is a long twisty saga, so I apologize in advance.
I’m certain there was an easier way, but the path wasn’t
obvious enough for me to figure it out before I got where
I am.

Anyway, I upgraded from 11.0 to 11.1 and was happy with
many of the fixes. Except I could not get sound to work.
After many, many months of not being able to use Skype
as Skype was intended to be used, I got a copy of SLED 11.
“Cool.” I thought. Sure enough, I had sound. The minor
problems were that the month of “free” support was too
difficult to coax out of the Novell web site, and too many
development packages were missing.

So, I still wanted sound, so I tried openSuSE 11.2 whatever-2.
Yep, got sound, but the bugs were too many to be able to use
it. (Yes, I filed a bug report.) Oh, well, back to 11.1 and
no sound. I thought. I never tried the sound. The NIC
would not work. Even an unplug-it-overnight reset did not
put the NIC back to where 11.1 would talk to it. And there’s
nothing obvious in the BIOS setup to tweak either.

Today, I’m sitting here wishing that I hadn’t wanted to use
the sound. I’m back on SLED 11. I’m obviously using the NIC.
And the only fuzzy guess I’ve got is that ifconfig for 11.1
only showed the lo and eth0 devices, with eth0 only configured
for ipv6 (not helpful). Here in SLED (and openSuSE 11.2) I
see three devices: lo, eth0, and br0. Whatever “br0” is.
Three devices in one is something I’ve not seen before. Is
there something on the NIC that got set that needs resetting
before I can use 11.1 again? If so, what? Thanks.

Well if 11.0 worked then use it, its still supported for another year so why not use it.
Latest doesnt always mean greatest.

Personally I like sled and paid for it. Not tried the support yet, but the ‘free support’ is just for updates and forum support.
Remember, sled is enterprise level and meant to be stable, so if you want the configurablity, use opensuse.
To fix the sound, either open the sound settings in yast on opensuse and copy them to the opensuse setting.
If you don’t have sled dual booting, open yast sound and play with the settings there. I found that just playing with the pcm settings worked for me. Yet with same system had to play around with the sled settings too! It differs, depending on m/board and chipset.
Easiest way to play around is with an audio cd in the drive.
Whichever one you choose, suse is still great and the next opensuse version may be even better than the last!

[QUOTE=whych;1997936]Personally I like sled and paid for it. Not tried the support yet, but the ‘free support’ is just for updates and forum support./QUOTE]

Yes but personally I got more help from community support then commercial.

Thank you for the replies. Actually, I can live without the sound (just don’t want to). And, yes, I went through all the alsa and kmix and the rest of that stuff, to no avail. No sound. Probably because I have an ASUS main (mother) board built only about a year ago. No, my main problem was going back to 11.1. The eth0 device configured okay, but dhcp never got a response from the dhcp-enabled router. It’s the NIC that’s the primary problem. Maybe 11.0 would work, but I doubt it. My guess is that SLED and/or openSuSE 11.2 put it into a mode that persists across power cycles and renders the NIC unusable to 11.1 (and 11.0?) software. And I don’t know how to figure out the cause of the problem. Thank you again for your kind replies. Regards-Bruce

In openSUSE11.1, did you try NIC with a static IP?

Also, many routers don’t set the nameserver and gateway addresses. You may need to do this manually.

My advice: stick to one version, and see that you get everything, i.e. everything, working. The community has a lot of knowledge, I’m certain you’ll get it all working.
Please provide us with as much info as you can: your machine (see signature), video card, type of NIC etc. etc.

I tried to help you with your sound on openSUSE-11.1:
Sound problem: SuSE 11.1 on ASUS M2N78 PRO motherboard - openSUSE Forums

but you simply ignored my reply. >:(

I am not sure but I would think that because SLED is more stable (enterprice) it will be even more like 11.0 then 11.1, I would not think it’s close to 11.2 as that is still in factory.

I am running 11.0, I tried 11.1 when released, did not need kde4 and ran into some sound glitches so went back to 11.0 and it is just fine, will try 11.2 when it comes out and see.

So if your playing around with multiple version as you do, give 11.0 a run.