Which software do I intall

Hi all

I recently had to formatand reintall openSUSE 11.1 (I know there are newer versions out) on our companies server (development server). We previously had apache, php 5.1 and myqsl (including the phpMyAdmin interface). I managed to reintall the OS and setup the network connections - when I went online I noticed that there are many diffrent modules that Apache has, which would be recomended to install? I am not the systems administrator - he left and I am currently the most serior IT developer left, thus the buck was passed on to me.

I am relitivly new to openSUSE, so any advice would be great. Iam using the KDE GUI if it help.

Thanks in advance

Wolfjmt wrote:

> I recently had to format … ny advice would be great.

save yourself a LOT of work and just restore from the most recent full
system backup made prior to the format…

btw, why did you format?

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The modules you install will depend on what you need to use it for –
Only you know that.


I’d look for system documentation left by the previous system admin. This being your development system, you’ll probably need at least those packages installed on the production system and more, like IDEs, compilers, etc.