Which repositories to use for apps update?

Specifically, I’d like regular update to browsers, OOo etc. I know there’s tumbleweed but it is too volatile.
What exactly is the difference between KDE UpdatedApps and KDE SC repositories? What KDE apps are considered “individual apps” that can be in UpdatedApps?


Unless you are looking for bleeding edge code, just use the standard update repo. Opera and Firefox are updated regularly. The other repos are use at your own risk. See Package repositories - openSUSE

Tumbleweed is a rolling update to the distro just like CentOS. That is 4 becomes 4.1 4.2… This is still a new thing for openSUSE.

Since 11.2 you can do a distro upgrade for openSUSE. See SDB:System upgrade - openSUSE

Dave W.