Which repo will KDE SC 4.4 be located in?

I apologize if this question has been beaten to death. I searched the forum and have not found an answer.

When KDE SC 4.4 hits on the 9th, will it be in the current repo holding the RCs (Factory)? Or will it be in stable?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t believe it will get a repo like for example kde4.3 did in the kde43 repo. At least that was the answer I was given in the IRC #opensuse-kde

Interesting, so I won’t have to switch repos in order to receive the update?

But there will be updates every time, which will be pushed to Factory. If they provide a repo like KDE43, or push the new KDE4.4 to stable KDE4 repo(also fine). That will work i think.

Factory is always in update state.

Trouble is - on the IRC you need to know How to ask a question - otherwise you don’t get much sense. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure I have the jargon quite correct.

I got the feeling that 4.4 will hit factory and be stable as the released version for a time, until they then start pushing the next release in there. No separate repo
As for if they will push it in stable? It’s a good idea, but I can’t confirm it?

It woul certainly be a good idea to put 4.4 into stable once it’s released :slight_smile:

I agree, but that ain’t going to happen according the opensuse-kde boffins

That’s a bit strange isn’t it? Why wouldn’t they put 4.4 in a stable directory. It’s what they’ve done with previous releases in the past.

When KDE SC 4.4 is released as stable I may copy the Factory repo to my local HDD so I have a ‘stable’ 4.4 base to fall back to in case of problems later.

So by keeping 4.4 in the factory directory, will that not bring potential stability issues later when they start putting updates into the directory which may be of beta quality rather than ready for production?

But it’s Factory and that’s what happens there. It the development area for the next release.
Just don’t update kde until it’s clearer what exactly is happening.