Which program creates ~/.local/share/phishingurl/malware.db?

I noticed a file ~/.local/share/phishingurl/malware.db with modified date from 1.December.2017 but I have no clue which program created or needs it.

Does anyone know please?

kmail, it’s used/needed by its phishing URL detection/warning.

Thanks wolfi.
Considering I don’t use kmail is it safe to delete it?

Sure, why not.

And if you’d use kmail, it would download it again if necessary.

Done. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have that file. It was last modified Jun 27, 2017. The directory “/lost+found” has a date Jun 22, 2017 (usually the date that the file system was created (formatted) as part of install). So I got that file early. I’m surely not using it, though I guess it waste’s space when I do backups.