Which Linux Desktop Do you Like?

I’m prefer using GNOME as My desktop. It’s simple for me. How about you, which one do you like most.

I use KDE because historically it was installed by default in Suse 10.0, where I started in Suse.

I’ve tried Gnome on and off since KDE4 became difficult in openSUSE 11.0. But I just can’t get into it, probably laziness.

I use Ubuntu as well as openSUSE (oSUSE is my workhorse – Ubu is a curiosity) and I like the Gnome desktop on Ubu. But KDE for me forever I think.

Long time KDE user here. Not one of the other DEs give me a good reason to switch over…

KDE4 to be specific

I like Gnome and KDE 4 equally. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. I have tried before KDE 3.5 and XFCE and didn’t like them. So what should i select:. Maybe other:P

LXDE or fluxbox. Nice, simplistic and minimal.

Right now I more favor gnome, because KDE4 is still quite experimental in nature and poor KDE3 is being left in the dust.
XFCE and LXDE are kind of cool though

On KDE4.3 Beta2.

In fact, both KDE3 and KDE4 should have been shown as separate choices.

I put down Gnome, but I am actually in-between (Gnome and KDE 4);

  • I like Gnome’s simplicity and overall layout with the 3 menu choices along the top (not the slab interface… too cluttered and confusing for a small screen)
    == BUT ==
    I like some features of KDE (4) such as a few of the widgets and auto-changing desktop. Plus it looks cleaner (drop shadows, etc.)

  • Gnome has some pretty good native apps and being a .NET user, Mono is something I am willing to fool around with in Monodevelop
    == BUT ==
    There are a number of KDE apps I am getting into and like which I wish would play nicer on Gnome;
    Widgets > ???

  • digikam > picasa >> f-spot

  • Quanta Plus > Kompozer > Bluefish

  • KDEnlive > Kino > Pitivi (until Pitivi includes capture)

  • Kopete > Pidgin (ONLY, in that it includes webcam support, other than that I would go with Empathy or Pidgin)

  • Kooka > Xsane (Kooka has been ABLE to scan without problems, Xsane has driven me In

  • Okular > Evince


Now, some of my thinking may be marred by being more used to Gnome than KDE so I am learning a new DE “on the fly” and that is what is getting compared to Gnome.

I’ve been using gnome for a few years now (since 2.10 or so), I started with KDE back in the days when gnome was still the ximian desktop. I don’t know anymore why I switched, but I’m still using and liking it. Never bothered to try KDE again.And my servers don’t have a gui (sometimes frustrating for my windows-loving IT-colleagues lol! )

On Thu, 18 Jun 2009 17:16:01 +0000, philipraets wrote:

> I’ve been using gnome for a few years now (since 2.10 or so), I started
> with KDE back in the days when gnome was still the ximian desktop

Same here. Before GNOME, I used Enlightenment DR16. Switched to GNOME
when I started using Ximian’s Red Carpet to update my RedHat
installations and E started development on DR17; DR16 stagnated and I
switched at that point.


I ever use KDE one year ago, but it very very slow ( my RAM is still 256 at that time ). So I reinstall my openSUSE using GNOME and my computer speed is better ( not fast, but better ). My computer upgraded to 512 yesterday, but I don’t want to move again.

Why did you reinstall the whole OS just to pick up GNOME? You can have KDE, GNOME, XFCE, whatever at the same time on your system… without need to reinstall. Just use YaST to install GNOME, logout and select at the login screen menu GNOME and there you have it

I keep reading this in other posts too.
“… not working… I reinstalled… Still not working…”
I think, mostly Windo$ influence.

Whenever I install multiple DEs on one system, I find it annoying because I suddenly have 2 text editors, etc. for each DE in my menus! So I prefer one-at-a-time, or when I break down I usually end up with Gnome and Xfce.

KDE for teh win.

Yeah, but which version? 3 or 4?


Can not settle with kde4 though I haven’ tried it on a newer OS than OpenSuSE 11.0. Have two older computers which I have Blackbox and Enlightenment on which are all right, simple and fast.

I’ve used most over the years. I bounce between KDE & Gnome now. But I like WindowMaker, too. XFCE is nice, but Gnome takes it over too easily. Of course, if Enlightenment DR 12 would come back …

Love KDE (since OpenSuse 10.0)
atm more KDE 3, looking forward to a stable KDE 4