Which is the best laptop for programming Linux

Hi I know that this is not the right place to ask the question below but still I am asking because only the Linux professionals like you can suggest the right.

As I am bored with the behavior of the present laptop I want to buy a new laptop.

The issues I faced previously are below



Also the system crashes frequently.

As I want to learn linux programming I want a laptop which provide best performance and highly compatible with Linux.

As I don’t want to watch movies or something else so can you suggest which is light weight, less in screen size and cheapest.

In my opinion the best laptop is what exactly the user want to do. I have an hp dv6 pavilion with amd processor a6 vision and Radeon dual graphics. My OS is openSUSE 12.3, x86_64 with latest KDE and the latest amd driver. I have no isues i can say. I want to ask you what Desktop environment you want to use. I suggest you to check this website. Of course you can buy it without OS so you can make installation yourself.


and the laptop who i suggest you are


check the envy of hp and of course pavilion


(I show you laptops. you will see win 8, you can buy it from different shops without OS)


Your cheapest option is probably to get a Chromebook and install openSUSE in developer mode. But from then on anything with Intel Graphics and a reasonably fast processor will do what you want. In practice I suspect that the key factor in the end will be the programming tools that you choose and how helpful they are. For that consult the Programming forum.

On 2014-08-27 17:36, rupeshforu3 wrote:

> As I don’t want to watch movies or something else so can you suggest
> which is light weight, less in screen size and cheapest.

Probably avoid anything with powerful graphic cards, like nvidia or
ati/amd. Plain Intel graphics suffice, and you get way longer battery
life and less heat. And you get the drivers in the kernel out of the box

  • unless the chip is too new and they haven’t solved yet all the quirks,
    or it is way too old, and they haven’t bothered :-p

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(from 13.1 x86_64 “Bottle” at Telcontar)

I use Macbooks and they are just magnificent beasts for Linux but let’s face it, they are pretty expensive unless you have a corporate sponsor to absorb the price like I do :slight_smile: