Which graphic driver?

On my laptop I have ATI Firepro Graphic card with the default Radeon driver, is it recomended to stay with the default or to change it? (fglrx?)
I would like to use OpenSuse for editing videos from my camcorder or use a hdmi cable to conect to TV.

(although I heard that editting videos on linux is still a pain in the a… )

It is my opinion you stick with the default. You always have the options to 1. Upgrade the kernel, where the default is located 2. You can always load the proprietary video driver later. I would get out my video editing and try it out and if it works OK, you are set. If not, I would try new kernel first and proprietary ATI driver last. It just my opinion, but worth a try.

Thank You,

I was just trying Kdenlive, everything works fine with the default radeon driver, also the hdmi tv-conection.
So i guess I will follow your advice and stick with the default driver instead of unnecessary messing up with another one.
**Thanks for the tip!
(so after a first video-editing experience: Kdenlive is maybe not that extensive as sonyvegas but good enough for basic things and every thing what I tried until now functioned smoothly without a problem!)

Hey that is very good news to be sure. Even though I have used all of the proprietary video drivers, in the end the default has been the simplest thing to use.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more help if you need it.

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