which can cause btrfs-transaction 100% cpu consuming?


today the btrfs-transaction was consuming 100% of my cpu. Which can cause that?


By default snapshot operations may cause that, openSUSE automatically
cleans up old snapshots eventually, and also automatically creates new
snapshots, so some of that may do it. I think there is also automatic
balancing of the Btrfs filesystem, and I suspect that could cause some
utilization too.

It would help if we knew more about your system with regard to Btrfs, e.g.
where you use the filesystem, what snapshots you have, how full your
filesystem is, if you have run any ‘yast’ or ‘zypper’ commands lately, etc.

Good luck.

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Hi, thanks.

And how can I access these informations?

there are some brtfs issues,
but everything shall become better

and I will believe it when I experience the imporvments

This issue is bugging me for quite a while now too.
Reading the comments of the referenced bugreport hasn’t made me any wiser. It’s marked as resolved but with an up do date system (newest kernel etc) I still experience this problem from time to time.
So I’d like to disable the quotas but haven’t worked out how to do so, until now.