Where is the PHP's `ext_skel` file?


I wonder, what package contains PHP’s ext_skel file. In Debian, it should be /usr/share/php5/ext_skel.
Normally, package is named php5-dev or php5-devel(as on openSUSE).

I’ve installed php5-devel. But

$ rpm -ql php5-devel | grep skel

prints nothing.

I found PECL’s CodeGen. It does almost the same. However, it’s just curious, where the good old ext_skel could be.


The readme file for it suggests that it will be superceded by PECL_Gen so maybe they have finally removed it for 5.3?

I also note that it isn’t in Lenny’s or Squeeze’s php5-dev either:

Debian – Filelist of package php5-dev/lenny/i386
Debian – Filelist of package php5-dev/squeeze/i386

Good luck.