Where is python-webkitgtk for Leap 15?

Tumbleweed has python-webkitgtk in its repositories, Leap 42.3 has python-webkitgtk in its repositories, but Leap 15 does not. python-webkitgtk is not even in /repositories/devel:/languages:/python/ for Leap 15. Am I missing something? Is it provided with some other package on Leap 15?

Looks like it hasn’t been built for LEAP 15 yet.

Don’t take a chance that someone will notice this Forum post,
submit a “feature request” to https://bugzilla.opensuse.org

I’m as surprised as anybody that this <very> important and often used python component wasn’t built along with everything else.



OK, so it isn’t just me. I’ve filed a bug here -> https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1098442

Hopefully it will be picked up and resolved.

I doubt it, no action for six odd years, likely dropped for security issues…

I see it had a tweak 4 months ago;

Deleted here;

Looks like…

The base webgtkkit is of course actively maintained

The “original” python webgtkkit may be in the process of being deprecated,
It seems to likely still be available in PyPi
But there is a newer “more recommended” way to implement


This package was dropped from Factory along with webkitgtk and subsequently not included in Leap 15.0. We do not want to reintroduce it.

Thank you all for the replies. Now I can stop periodically checking for it. One third party app I used was dependant on it, but I’ll have to wait until the app is ported.