Where is Power Management?

I’m trying to disable the suspension that happens when I close my laptop lid. Under Ubuntu I would go into Power Management. But I can’t find Power Management in Yast (or anything else that might do the job). Where is this stuff?

Desktop in use???

I’m using the installation default, which I believe is KDE (same as Kubuntu).

It is systemd-logind that manages this behaviour. The applicable parameters in /etc/systemd/logind.conf are ‘HandleLidSwitch=’ and

Refer to

man systemd-logind
man logind.conf

So there’s no way to accomplish this from within Yast, then? That’s disappointing – explicitly editing system configuration files (and as superuser at that) seems pretty heavy-handed and not something a casual user would know how to do.

There are quite a few other functions in Power Management that ought to be readily available, such as setting the timeout for screen energy saving.

KDE does offer some ‘user-level’ power management capabilities: System Settings > Power Management, and this includes the ‘When laptop lid closed’ event behaviour, so perhaps investigate that and see if you can get it working as desired.

Note that any SYSTEM setting as apposed to a user setting must be done by the system administrator ie root.