Where is Apache DIR on Opensuse 11.0?

Apache works ok.Haven’t played much with it yet.

However,after looking at an article on Apache_Mod Perl in an old Linux Format magazine(#6,or 7,I forget)…

I thought I’d try the command:

httpd -l

just to see what modules are loaded.

Problem #1:

#/usr/local/apache/bin/httpd- l

doesn’t work -for obvious reasons.

I tried a search,but am still having trouble finding the Apache directory.

Can somebody supply the correct directory structure for the above command?


Do you use apache or apache2 ?

Looks to me that command is for apache 1 version at least for opensuse (for apache2 there is httpd2).

You can see the modules in YaST server management for example.

Also you can see in the yast software manager the package list and folder structure (and find the location of the httpd / httpd2 bin): /usr/local/sbin

-l flag will show **only **the modules compiled in the server and not the modules loaded dynamically with LoadModule directive ; see httpd - Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol Server - Apache HTTP Server

I’d suggest you read:

Apache - openSUSE

HowTo: Configure a Linux Apache Web Server on Suse/openSUSE for SSI, Includes, CGI, Common Gateway Interface, AddHandler, ExecCGI, AllowOverride, htaccess, DocumentRoot

And of course the apache documentation.



I checked Yast HTTP Server and Software Man.

Does give a little more info.

Swerdna’s site is what got me started,so I’ll do some more reading over there.

On Opensuse 11.0 with Apache2 I note 2 of the directories are:



Anyway,it is working,so when I get the chance I get back at it and learn some more!