Where could I change/edit the menu option text description in grub2 boot menu

Greetings to all,

I have Leap 15 on dual boot with Windows 10 working without problems. However, when I want to change or edit the text on boot menu entries is really a mess, especially for newbies. Information are spread to different files and I can’t find where or how I just want to do that.

I just want to edit whatever file is and change the order of entries on menu and the text description, not changing parameters or technical stuff just this :

For example:

openSUSE 15
Windows 10


Windows 10 (x64) Eng
openSUSE Leap v15

Is that possible ???

Thank you for your cooperation

Aristoteles Cerberus

Not sure you can change the order (maybe but may be complicated) but you can change the default selection in Yast-bootloader section so Win 10 would be the selected item

The last time I looked at editing the specific text which was awhile ago (may be different today),
The text was dynamically generated so it wasn’t particularly easy to modify without some experimentation.

If you’d like to simply modify the default selection,
The YaST boot loader module can do this for you in a couple clicks (Third “Boot Options” tab to the far right when you first open the boot loader module).

If you were asking about the grub menu’s appearance and not the text,
I’ve updated a script to do that easily for LEAP 15.
But my script won’t alter the text content…


For some definition of “improve”, it is possible to have something approximating what you want. Start in /etc/grub.d/ by copying or renaming 40_custom and 41_custom to 06_custom and 07_custom. At some point grub updates will replace [40,41], unless you replace them yourself with zero byte files and set them immutable with chattr, or create a cron job to delete them when they are found to exist.

Then move to /boot/grub2/ and create file “custom.cfg”. In it, create the custom stanzas you wish to see in the boot menu in the order you wish to see them. Because of [06,07]_custom, these stanzas will appear before the auto-generated ones updating grub or installing a new kernel creates. Here for example only is an abbreviated version of my latest iteration of custom.cfg:

menuentry "memtest86 7.4 EFI" {
	search --no-floppy --label --set=root SDD1P01
	chainloader /mt74x64.efi
menuentry "openSUSE TW default kernel" {
	search --no-floppy --set=root --hint-bios=hd0,gpt7 --label sdd1p07
	linux	/boot/vmlinuz root=LABEL=sdd1p07 noresume video=1400x900@60 3
	initrd	/boot/initrd
menuentry "openSUSE 15.0 default kernel" {
	search --no-floppy --set=root --hint-efi=hd0,gpt8 --label sdd1p08
	linux	/boot/vmlinuz root=LABEL=sdd1p08 noresume video=1400x900@60 3
	initrd	/boot/initrd
menuentry "Install openSUSE 15.0 via HTTP" {
	search --no-floppy --label --set=root k25p03res
	linuxefi /os150/linux showopts install=http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/15.0/repo/oss hostname=myhost ifcfg=",,,mydomain.net" kexec_reboot=0 ipv6.disable=1 lang=en keytable=us 
	initrdefi /os150/initrd

Note my abbreviation is exclusion of stanzas, 7 out of a total of 11, not of significant portions of individual stanzas. Auto-generated stanzas include many unnecessary insurance components. I’m not sure whether I ever finished eradicating those from my custom stanzas, but obviously mine are quite svelte by comparison.

To change the boot menu title I usually just amend the file:


So would select / start / system / root konsole

then type in dolphin, navigate to the above location and open the grub.cfg file

then find and amend the entry

So for example the part of the file to amend the Windows entry on my system is:

menuentry ‘Windows 10’ --class windows --class os $menuentry_id_option ‘osprober-efi-CEDD-8593’ {
insmod part_gpt
insmod fat
set root=‘hd0,gpt1’
if x$feature_platform_search_hint = xy ]; then
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root --hint-bios=hd0,gpt1 --hint-efi=hd0,gpt1 --hint-baremetal=ahci0,gpt1 CEDD-8593
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root CEDD-8593
chainloader /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi

The bit I have marked in bold is what you want to change (in your example) to ‘Windows 10 (x64) Eng’.

Two points to note:

1 - before you make any changes make a back-up of the grub.cfg file
2 - You may need to re-do following a kernel up-date