When is SeaMonkey 2.17.1 going to show up?

I know I can find SM 2.17 in the OBS Mozilla repo, but wonder when SM 2.17.1 will appear in the openSUSE 12.3-Update repo.

SeaMonkey 2.17 was released 04-02-2013, and 2.17.1 on 04-14-013.

SeaMonkey 2.17 fixes 3 critical security vulnerabilities, including MFSA 2013-35: WebGL crash with Mesa graphics driver on Linux
Security Advisories for SeaMonkey

What’s New in SeaMonkey 2.17

For now I will install from the tarball, since I don’t want to add another repository to my configuration.

SeaMonkey point realeases appeared in the repos faster when 12.2 was the current version. After release of 12.3 they started releasing SeaMonkey only when a major release happens.
You need not install from tarball. All you need to do is download the binary from below link and then extract and use executable inside it. It will automatically use the exiting profile in your home

As you know, SM 2.17 is a major release, with at least one critical security fix for Linux users.

Thanks for the link, but it is for the 32-bit Mozilla build. I prefer the 64-bit build, so install the 64-bit contributed build.

You could download just the seamonkey .rpm from the OBS Mozilla repo and install it by hand.

And yes, SeaMonkey 2.17 ​is planned to** be released as online update**, but I don’t know when. AFAIK there were problems with building it, that’s why the update is not out yet.

You are right. For 64 bit binaries you should look here SeaMonkey: Download & Releases

A couple of weeks ago, OBS had problems building Mozilla projects for their memory requirements, and they kept failing. I’m guessing they might be waiting for the upgrade to OBS, before going again.