When I start Wine software all my other sound stops work and opposite how to fix this?

When I start Wine software all my other sound stops work and opposite how to fix this?

If wine uses alsa be sure you have the alsa-plugins-pulse package loaded.

I can choose between system-standard or pulseaudio in wine. But I have tested both still same problem.

You may wish to take a look at this article Sound - Wine HQ

Note where it states:


However, if you configure Wine or another application to use your audio hardware directly (the “hw:0” interface, for example), you may find that only a single audio stream will play, which can cause audio problems in many applications. Please be sure to use only interfaces which support multiple streams.

Dependent on one’s hardware, if one is not using pulse audio, but rather is relying on the ALSA API for one’s sound interface, for many items of hardware/sound-driver combinations multiple sound streams playing at once is not a provided function. … ie if you do not use pulse audio it will not work to play audio from multiple applications at once. Only some hardware supports such in the ALSA API (multiple streams without pulse).

This nominal hardware limitation can be worked around using pulse audio. Hence while I am not familiar with your hardware, nor your software configuration, in my view trying “system-standard” (what ever that means) as opposed to “pulse” is quite possibly not the way to go - unless you can explain better what “system-standard” means in terms of multiple audio streams.

With pulse audio, one is provided the means to play audio from multiple sources to multiple audio devices simultaneous, or even from multiple sources to the same audio device simultaneous.

As already recommended in this thread, ensure you have appropriate alsa plugins and pavucontrol so to properly direct the audio such that a single audio output device is shared.

If not properly configured, then wine will seize the audio device, and refuse to share it with pulse audio. So its important thus to have wine using pulse audio (such that other sound apps and devices can function via pulseaudio). For example, winetricks application gives one the capability to tell wine not to use pulse audio, and if one has been messing with winetricks it is possible one has unintentionally blocked wine from using pulse audio.

I am not up to-date on gstreamer apps …its possible you may also need “gstreamer-plugins-ugly” for wine pulse audio support and maybe a 32-bit equivalent for 32-bit wine ( such as gstreamer-plugins-ugly-32-bit, or gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ugly-32-bit … < I don’t know > … ) … and further whether one also needs the gstreamer ‘good’ and ‘bad’ I also do not know. Someone who knows more about this than I needs to chime in here.