whatsapp-client on opensuse - how to install it via repo & terminal?

g day dear linux-experts

well i run opensuse 42-3 and i must say that i am very very happy with this.

one thing left: how to install the whatsup-client on opensuse 42-3

is there a repo or something like that!?

heard about this:

So something like this java client then?

from this

love to hear from you

btw - i like to install it via console - or is it better to use repos ?

IMHO if there is a repos, and if one is an average or a basic user, it is far superior to use a repos (and save one the time / effort to correctly compile/configure).

As to ‘whatsapp’ (and not ‘whatsup’ ) there is no openSUSE app called ‘whatsapp’ that I am aware of but there may be an app called ‘whatsie’ that works with whatsapp on openSUSE.

I did not even know of whatsapp until last week, when my wife installed it on her Android device and she has been using it to chat with people.

She had me use my openSUSE GNU/Linux desktop PC to use whatsapp, but what we did was go to https://www.whatsapp.com/ on my openSUSE PC, and click on “Whatsapp Web” selection in my browser. That brings up a QR code that one then reads/scans with their Whatsapp application running on one’s android device - and voila - whats app is instantly running in one’s browser on openSUSE.

Now running on a browser in openSUSE (where an Android device running whatsapp is needed to kickstart each browser session) may not be what you want. If you want a dedicated app (called ‘whatsie’ ) https://github.com/gsantner/whatsie/releases

BUT stop - read on a bit first before you do anything …

Unfortunately the https://software.opensuse.org/search page is down as I type this reply. So I can not see if anyone has a packaged repos for whatsie.

I note a web page here that talks of install on different GNU/Linux versions: http://www.2daygeek.com/install-whatsie-simple-desktop-client-for-whatsapp-web-on-debian-mint-ubuntu-centos-rhel-fedora-opensuse-archlinux-manjaro/ … That may or may not work for openSUSE LEAP 42.3. I have not tried so I do not know. If the web page does give you a functioning ‘whatsie’ then you could try following the instructions here: https://freaksense.com/install-whatsapp-on-linux-operating-system/

But if that web page above does not work, then you may need to sort this yourself. Given on the whatsie site, there is only source code (for GNU/Linux) and also a .deb file (for debian based GNU/Linux distributions), I think your only choices are to :

  • convert the debian .deb to a .rpm via the app “alien” and pray that it works - as it may not work, or
  • compile from the source code yourself, or
  • sweet talk an openSUSE packager to package an rpm for you

Web site with .deb and source code is here: https://github.com/gsantner/whatsie/releases

I’m not great on converting .deb files to .rpm files, nor am I great compiling from source - so you may need to go down this path yourself if you can’t find a packaged whatsie, and if you can’t find a packager to help package one. Hopefully you will find a ‘whatsie’ packaged app for openSUSE.

I am suffering from a bad head cold/flu today, with fever, so I can’t help any more.

Good luck in your efforts, and if you succeed please share your experience.

Please read the contents of both projects. No openSUSE packages and there won’t be. We don’t want the openSUSE Project to be a subject in legal issues with WhatsApp.

dear knurpth dear Old-CPU

many many thanks for the quick reply - great to hear from you.

i will read through all your ideas and will follow the advices.

have a great day

No need to look for standalone app, the similar whatsapp function can be obtain from chrome extension, few of them and my fav is this one https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/all-in-one-messenger/lainlkmlgipednloilifbppmhdocjbda?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

Per the above quote from my post, going to the ‘official’ whatsapp website is what I used on my openSUSE GNU/Linux PC and it worked well. It required no special plugins with my browser. With it I was able to copy and paste in/out of the app, and send jpeg, MS-Word, and PDF files as attachments from my openSUSE GNU/Linux PC. Again - this is all using ‘official’ whatsapp application & ‘official’ website.

If one is looking for an easy and quick way to do this, then that works. Further its an ‘official’ whatsapp method.

A key point thou is to make the “official” whatsapp website browser version of whatsapp work, one must have the official standalone “Android whatsapp application” installed and running on one’s android device (smartphone or tablet) so to be able to read the QR code the https://www.whatsapp.com/ site presents, and thus launch the browser application.

Last time I have tried getting WhatsApp via repo and terminal and everything seems to be perfect but now how can i do the same with fmwhatsapp app using the same method? it’s actually the same app but with few modifications though.
Can anybody please let me know how can I do that as the app is not available on google play and app store and it should be installed through the apk file.