Whats wrong with my Install-Stick / "F8" Bootscreen


i am very surprised what is wrong with my installation stick.
When the boot screen appears, F8 (with Asian characters) is also displayed.
This menu item does not exist in your help / current documentation.
So what’s wrong with my stick?

Too vague. Can you explain with further detail… perhaps share an image of what you’re seeing?

Nothing. When booted in UEFI mode, there are no function keys at the bottom of the Grub screen. When you boot in legacy mode, there are various changes that can be applied via those function keys. F8 is a toggle between Asian language I don’t know, and English, for the Grub screen.

Exactly which documentation URL lacks what you expect?

If your computer supports UEFI mode, it’s up to you and your BIOS which mode your stick boots in. Most PCs have a hotkey that will present a menu from which you can choose which device to boot from, and if it’s a UEFI BIOS with CSM (legacy support) enabled, whether to boot the USB stick in legacy or UEFI mode.

Thank you very much.

About your question: Here the Link https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/startup/single-html/book.opensuse.startup/index.html#cha-boot-parameters (Figure 2.1). As you can see there is no “F8”-Option.

It will be there if you upload new image…

Upload a new image of what where?

If you need new Figure 2.1 (Figure 2.1: The Boot Screen on Machines with a Traditional BIOS) - DIY.
Or create bug report.

You’re suggesting an apparent newbie openSUSE user make a new installation screenshot, then upload it to a non-Wiki page, with editing to describe the new F8?

Dear mrmazda, Svyatko,

first, thank you for your fast answers.

Please excuse the “somewhat” stupid question. I thought it (“F8”) didn’t belong there.

Now I have already successfully installed my 1st installation . And new questions. But it’s ok, it’s Linux.

Have a nice day.