What's the relationship between SUSE and openSUSE?

Like Fedora vs Redhat? or CentOS vs Redhat.

From what I read, more like Fedora vs Redhat since
openSUSE 15 was released, but SUSE 15 did not yet.

This is important for appliance ISO based on openSUSE like
1.) Security fixes
2.) Application compatibility develop on openSUSE, directly run SUSE


Eh? SLE 15 has been out almost as long as Leap 15


put simply the relationship is as follows

openSUSE Tumbleweed (our Rolling release) provides the code which SUSE hardens and polishes to become SUSE Linux Enterprise

That SLE codebase provides the starting point which the openSUSE community then adds additional packages to to become openSUSE Leap (our stable release)

SUSE continually contribute to Tumbleweed as a matter of company policy https://opensource.suse.com/suse-open-source-policy in order to continually prepare for the next SUSE Linux Enterprise version

For packages shared between SLE and Leap, openSUSE Leap recieves the same Security fix code as soon as the fixes are released to SLE customers.

Application compatibility should not be a problem as long as you do not build packages on Leap that require packages that are not available on SLE

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Appreciate your explanation.

Yes, you are right. My bad google search skills.

Recently, start to look into openSUSE. Try to figure out all those puzzles :slight_smile:

t looks from your LQ joining date that you may be used SUSE Linux. SUSE Linux Professional\Personal was the SUSE Linux product line from 2002 to 2005. In 2005 SUSE Linux development was handed over to the openSUSE project. By the end of 2006, the name of SUSE Linux was changed to openSUSE to reflect the project creating it and to distinguish it from SUSE Linux Enterprise. The SUSE Linux Enterprise line kept the SUSE name.

SUSE Linux Enterprise is the Linux for businesses with commercial support. It is based on the .1 releases of openSUSE

openSUSE is a community distro sponsored by SUSE* and has a open development process. For users who don’t need commercial support. This is what I personally use.

*Last spring, Attachmate acquired Novell and gave SUSE its own brand and company separate from Novell under the Attachmate umbrella.

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