What Packages for KDE 3.5


I run openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.1 and want to install KDE 3.5 in parallel. I’ve installed (among others) the packages

kdebase3 and kdebase3-kdm

But still there is no option at the login screen, to choose KDE 3 alternatively. Am I missing something?


Not sure if that´s possible. Try to uninstall KDE 4.1 first…

P. :wink:

Of course it’s possible.

Start Yast.

Click Install Software.

Change the ‘filter’ combo to ‘Patterns’.

Select ‘KDE3 Desktop Environment’ for the kitchen sink.


Select ‘KDE3 Base System’ for the essentials only.

Logout, change ‘Session Type’ to KDE 3.

it’s impossible to find option at the login screen
you should config your /etc/sysconfig to choose start kde4.1 or kde3.5

Hi again,

and thanks for all the quick replys. I didn’t think about “Patterns”, since I was only used to think in “Packages”. (This is my first openSUSE Installation.) The download is now in progress.

Thanks again,