What makes you like OpenSUSE?

Oh yeah, every dup, I either temporally disable packman then re-enable after, or spend 10 mins sorting through conflicts.

Where are you? It worked fine for me back in Canada too, now I am one step out of Germany, pretty much the same speed

Really? Even with zypper lock?

Middle East. I think there’s like one or two repos here for Tumbleweed when I was testing them.
Refreshing the repos is what takes too long for me, but the actual downloading speed is fine. Not as fast as other distros I’ve used, but still fine. It’s weird, sometimes it’s actually fast and sometimes it’s really slow.

I actually never used that command before. I just go to YaST’s Software Management, right click on the pattern or package I don’t want, then mark it as “Taboo” and that seems to work. I think that’s the same thing as the command you mentioned?

but middle east, yeah… I can see how it’s hard to get mirrors.


Thanks! That will come in handy. I also need to sit down one day and read the man page for zypper.

Hello i use tumbleweed,so i am having a problem with using zypper dup its on portuguese because i am brazilian but i think its a little better to put in google tradutor so:

nicodani@localhost:~> sudo zypper dup
[sudo] senha para root:
Atualizando o serviço ‘NVIDIA’.
Atualizando o serviço ‘openSUSE’.
Carregando dados do repositório…
Lendo os pacotes instalados…
Aviso: Você está prestes a fazer uma atualização da distribuição com todos os repositórios habilitados. Certifique-se de que esses repositórios são compatíveis antes de continuar. Consulte ‘man zypper’ para mais informações sobre este comando.
Calculando a atualização da distribuição…

Problema: 1: o openSUSE-repos-MicroOS-NVIDIA-20240412.89bd714-3.1.x86_64 a ser instalado está em conflito com ‘namespace:otherproviders(openSUSE-repos-NVIDIA)’ fornecido pelo a ser instalado openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed-NVIDIA-20240412.89bd714-3.1.x86_64
Solução 1: As seguintes ações serão realizadas:
mantenha obsoleto openSUSE-repos-MicroOS-NVIDIA-20240327.09add4e-1.1.x86_64
mantenha obsoleto openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed-NVIDIA-20240412.89bd714-2.1.x86_64
Solução 2: desinstalação de openSUSE-repos-MicroOS-NVIDIA-20240327.09add4e-1.1.x86_64
Solução 3: desinstalação de openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed-NVIDIA-20240412.89bd714-2.1.x86_64

Escolha uma das opções acima pelo número ou cancele [1/2/3/c/d/?] (c):

Well first question is, are you on MicroOS or Tumbleweed? I recommend posting directly at the technical support forum. Nvidia drivers are a bit of a taboo topic and somehow you installed NVIDIA driver for both, and you should choose 2 if you are on Tumbleweed, 3 if you are on MicroOS, but Nvidia drivers are not very the easiest to setup.

I are on tumbleweed so i set it on 2 or no?

Yes, go for 2 but you should make your own thread in technical support forum.

ok,so i will choose 2,but a question this will affect with the games fps?

Nvidia driver is very hard topic to handle… I cannot give you a good answer.

No. Solution 2 only removes the wrong MicroOS repo definition. The Tumbleweed Nvidia driver is not affected in any way…

I started using SUSE around 2001 with SUSE 7.2. Before then I was using Debian, Red Hat, Corel and Mandrake (never could get Slackware to work right). I sort of used Mandrake and SUSE concurrently in the early 2000’s until Ubuntu showed up on the scene. Used that until around 2006 or 2007 when openSUSE started up. Bounced around for a few years until 2015/16 with Tumbleweed. Recently I came back to Tumbleweed from Arch since the openSUSE community seems more connected, eager to teach/learn and help each other out. Everything just seems more reliable. I’ve come to the conclusion that less I have to work on it the better. Testing (OpenQA) is a huge plus as well.

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i love the green geeko.
when ubuntu has no fixed animal icon, even another linux distro i knew had no iconic animal logo(cmiiw and i must be wrong this). yeah ubuntu has many animal symbol but they were not fixed, just indicated as a version sign.

also, i though opensuse is solid, this reason made me stay along for using it.

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I had some time this morning and this thread caught my attention.

Two things:
The excellent helpful and genuine support from the forum, in spite of my own ignorance!
The consistent and solid foundation in a tried and tested system.

I moved from OS2>Warp4>ecs to Suse v 8.0 quite a few years ago and have never regretted it. I have looked at other systems but always came back to Suse. What more can I say?

Hello everyone.

I would like to elaborate on a previous post. I used Windows for a very long time, for 27 years to be exact. I have no regrets, as I have always been happy with Windows. However, I have also used Linux from the very beginning, starting with Suse and RedHat. Without going into too much detail, I then abandoned Linux until a little over a year ago. I have only tried rpm and apt distros; I have no experience with the Arch world and have never tried an Arch distro. As a novice, I immediately found myself very comfortable with Opensuse. This is, in my opinion, the most underrated distro out there. Yet in qualified reviews, it is always described as demanding and difficult to manage. I, as an inexperienced user, found myself at ease from the very beginning. I still have a Linux Mint installation, but for my needs it has slightly outdated packages. I am very happy with SlowRoll and Leap 15.6 (even 15.5 is a bit outdated). The beauty of openSUSE is that I can choose between these 2 distros…


I have used Arch as workstations and Debian as servers before, and was curious about tumbleweed 8 years ago.

With openSuse I have one base for all my workloads since then:
Leap as workstation and servers at work. Even the docker containers are build with SUSE / openSUSE images.
Leap as workstations at home.
microOS and LEAP as servers at home.

What I like about openSUSE? Everything!

And on top, the people in this forums are great, open, friendly and helpful.

PS. Looking forward to the future with the ALP.

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As said in other topic, the perfect learning curve : for basic/regular Windows users, the change isn’t too disorienting because GUI installing and managing is possible out of the box but with a system allowing dive into CLI & entrails at their own pace.
I love the extreme stability : you can make fun with the distro if you want but you can also forget it for months and do other casual stuff because it will just work as it’s supposed to do. I also like Yast and the extensive catalog of libraries and pre-packaged softwares in the official repos. Some good security reviews make a very good point for me too.

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I love green, hence the profile pic and data-driven decision-making to stay with OpenSUSE TW FTW.
GO GREEN :tea:

P.S. Oh and OpenSUSE TW works for all my CAE software which is a must. Touché.

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My main reason is to have an option for each type of use (Leap, Tumbleweed, Slowroll, Aeon,…), and my reason for using Tumbleweed is to be the only rolling distro with snapper, firewall and apparmor configured by default.
And of course, having a community willing to help with respect. This community makes openSUSE great.
Thank you for openSUSE and its community.

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For me it’s OpenSuSE Leap. If/when they stop offering Leap, I’ll switch to Linux Mint or Debian with KDE/Plasma.
I need stability and no flatpaks, snaps or btrfs.
I cannot enter the office, switch on the computer and tell my boss that I have a delay because my computer needs some work because of a borked update.

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