What is wrong with YAST?

The update mechanism is acting very strangely. Well, it would be strange if it wasn’t YAST.

When I installed 11.1 with KDE 3, I didn’t install Amarok, Amarok-xine, etc with the broken nonsense supplied on the DVD. I installed from packman. Everything works well, but YAST put itself into a circle.

Every update it asks to “update” Amarok, xine and the dependencies, even though it isn’t an update. It jumps between a version that uses libmad0, amarok-packman, etc. If I install that, the next time it wants to delete all of that and install the version that existed before the last “update”.

For fun I can sit here for an hour, uninstalling and installing the exact same versions. If I tell YAST to never update, it still throws up it lame dependency resolver.

Is there a fix for this comical problem?

  • vilanye,

I don’t know what’s wrong, but here’s how you should be able to fix it:
Yast, Software, Software repositories. Locate the repo which has the version of Amarok you want to keep (I assume this will be Packman), edit it and push the priority from 99 to >100.


Thank you.

I read up a little on priorities, and maybe I am just thinking upside down. It is 99 now, if I change it to say, 101, the priority will be lower. To me that sounds like any package matching amarok outside of packman will be offered thus stopping the circle, but giving me a broken Amarok version.

Maybe there is some confusion but to set a higher priority the number is lower.

eg; if you set all to 99 default and packman to 20 - packman would have priority.

I personally have all mine to 99 as I manage many repo’s from Factory too and never use the updater, but manage everything from zypper or software management.