What is the "login keyring"?

I am using OpenSuse 12.1. When i try to add my facebook account in empathy, it asks for the unlock keyring. I am not sure what this is, and I haven’t found a proper explanation in google.
Thanks for replying in advance…

That would be part of the gnome keyring. It creates a login keyring, and opens it with your login password using a PAM rule. I think you have to be using “gdm” for that to work on login, and you have to login at the GUI screen, rather than using auto-login.

From the message, it looks as if the password might have been changed. You have to try to remember the password at the time this last worked. Perhaps it was the password that you used with 11.4 or earlier opensuse version.

If all else fails, you can delete the relevant files and start over. But that would lose all remembered passwords.

If you are using gdm, then when you change passwords the PAM rules should intercept that and change the password for your login keyring to match. However, if you change passwords in some other way, such as during the installation of 12.1, then the login keyring will be left using the old password.

Maybe this is the same case as here: empathy asks for default keyring password - FedoraForum.org

Also on topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Keyring


"Login keyring"eems to be the naming when the Gnome keyring is automatically unlocked every time a user logs in.
Compare GnomeKeyring/Pam - GNOME Live!

But one of the passwords seems to be changed (probably the login password in the display manager for the linux user) and probably the GNOME keyring password not - and so the keyring was not unlogged automatically anymore.

But I had never this constellation (as far as I can recall) so I am just (more or less educated) guessing…

Did you try your old user password?

Good luck!

i don’t have any other password. and this is a fresh installation of OpenSuse, i never had any earlier versions

which files do i have to delete? where are they located?

read the fedora link. now since it;s gnome 3 on opensuse i suppose is ~/.gnome3/keyrings/

it’s a hidden folder / file

another simillar thread from ubuntu: [ubuntu] gnome3 login keyring failed - Ubuntu Forums](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1902873)


The location described two of the given links (in the fedora forum and in the GNOME Live!) is;


The tilde “~” is the Linux/Unix abbreviation for the user’s home directory - and I am able to see two files (one login.keyring ) if I tell my nautilus to go to


should be your directory with login.keyring if you would have named your user yourusername :wink:

But as nrickert indicated, if you are using now autologin and not login with a password or/and not the GNOME displaymanager “gdm” - tying that before deleting may be a better solution.

See also:
GNOME Keyring - openSUSE
-> Is the gnome-keyring.rpm package package installed?

Good luck

No they still reside in ~/.gnome2/keyrings

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