What is "name@linux-pxmz:" And what do I enter?

Help!Help! I am installing a HD with a functional SUSE 11.2 on it in a different box. On boot up it gets to the linux-pxmz login, so I give it my name and password and then I get “have a lot of fun” and then “kevin@linux-pxmz:”_" The cursor is blinking at me and I have no idea what to put in.

tap in ‘startx’
see if you get the GUI your expecting…
if not, there could be a error report that may help diagnose; post it up :slight_smile:

kevin is your username. linux-pxmz is the hostname. What desktop did you select to install?

To clarify some. The HD has a fully functioning install of 11.2 with KDE desktop. From reading other posts, I get that this is to log into SUSE (which I never had to do on the other box), so this is what I have tried:

linux-pxmz login: entered “root”
password: entered “password”
Have a lot of fun…
(in red) linux-pxmz:~# entered “kevin”
“cnf” message

Exited out to login and tried:

linux-pxmz login: “kevin”
password: “password”
kevin@linux-pxmz:~> “su”
(in red) linux-pxmz:/home/kevin# “kevin”
“cnf” message

When I put in “startx” after the initial login (“root” or “kevin”), I get a fatal server error that ends up with:

xinit: no such file or directory. unable to connect to X server
xinit: no such process. server error

Keep in mind that I never had any of this when running on the other box and the drive has not been messed with in any way. Thanks for your help. I really do love SUSE, but this kind of stuff can be so frustrating.

Have you changed display cards - ie nvidia, radeon? Also is the hard drive layout the same?
Try logging in as root at the terminal and use sax2 to reconfigure the xserver.
If there are still problems, you probably don’t have an x-desktop installd, so install it from yast in the terminal.

Yes. The old box had an Invidia card. How would I use sax2 to reconfigure the xserver? The HD layout has not changed. Also, how would I install the x-desktop from yast?

Please read

openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

sax2 did the job! Thanks.