What is 'current' ?


I just noticed the following:

Navigating to Index of /distribution/openSUSE-current/iso I find 11.1. Shouldn’t openSUSE-current be changed to 11.2?

Current should be pointing to 11.2, but someone has not changed it yet.

It happens, OS11.2 just came out after all.


non-current/non-supported are 10.3 and all previous
current/supported today are 11.0, 11.1 and 11.2
newest/latest is 11.2


down up hours iso
692M 1.06G 30 11.2 GNOME LiveCD (64)
693M 748M 34 11.2 GNOME LiveCD (32)
4.3G 4.0G 38 11.2 DVD