What Happened to My Computer Icon in 12.3?

What happened to the MY COMPUTER icon in 12.3. Installed form live dvd, Kinfo is there but no mycomputer info?

It was handy, Am I missing something?

My computer was actually: sysinfo://
But it’s been replaced with kinfocentre

Edit: dopey advice removed

Do you have a working sysinfo John?

There is a command line sysinfo available

kernelcruncher@eeepc:~> sysinfo(by hxtools sysinfo) [eeepc.site] Linux 3.7.10-1.1-desktop x86_64 | 4-thr Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N550 1500MHz | Load: 0.21 Tasks: 263 | Mem: 846/1997MB | Disk: 19/88GB | Gfx: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx Integrated Graphics Controller @ 1024x600

But I don’t see the old KDE one that was integrated in to konqueror

No of course not, and the reason is: I didn’t look!!!

So I’ll edit the post.

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> So I’ll edit the post.

the edit won’t be seen by all forums users…but a new, correcting
post would…


konqueror sysinfo:/ is going to be deprecated, this is not an openSUSE decision, it’s KDE that moved from here to kinfocenter, which indeed gives more, and more accurate, information. Just an example: if I run konqueror sysinfo:/ on my NVIDIA Optimus, it will still say I’m using the integrated Intel. kInfocenter does see both videocards.

I miss being able to see how much space is left on my disks - which sysinfo did admirably

You can still do that, I use the system monitor plasmoid

kio_sysinfo is now available in repo download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Extra/openSUSE_12.3

I feel like we have taken a step back here to geek world, and lost sight of ease of use for non tech people…

The layouts and displays of these new tools, are tech like not simple user like!

The kio_sysinfo seems to be back, but konqueror is no longer even listed as a file manager only as a browser under internet.

But dolphin seem to lack many of the basics…

Feeling umm

It seems we are going back to the Geek days, not making it more friendly.

The tools which replace MYCOMPUTER with kinfocenter and the suggested system monitor plazmoid are more tech then ease of use.

konqueror is no longer listed as a file manager, but dolphin does not seem to be as complete yet. it’s only a web browser!

Where is the KDE teams focus, ease of use or tech joy…?

We are not all geeks!

Maybe I am just not understanding

Uhh, really?
Its simple to gather system information still in openSUSE, just because it doesnt have a “my computer” Icon anymore doesnt mean the end of the universe.

Is this grouped in one convenient place where a relatively novice user could navigate to easily without having to know any commands?

I was under the impression Linux was trying to be more user-friendly, both the OS AND community.

That is since years so. I believe since KDE4 arised Konqueror is only listed under internet, despite he is still a good file manager.

i am not trying to say that it’s not possible to gather that information. But the direction that has been take seems to be towards tech type people not towards average computer users want a simple uncomplicated interface to the computer.

I have been in IT for 25 had my own company for 20 of those 25 years and have worked with UNIX and Linux, openSuSe since 6.x. I have in the last few years started to have friends. clients and co-works and my staff use opensuse as there day to day desktop/laptop system. With the loss of just that simple interface. There is a shift, that most casual users will find difficulty, from finding documents to seeing what system they are running on etc. These people are not geeks or Techs… Just mom and dad.

It just seems like tech has taken over again, like back in the early days oh well, what does someone like me know what the designers intentions are!

Amazing desktop effects, transitions all really cool… but that is not useability, its more like showing off skills and hardware tricks.

Don’t get me wrong, its not unusable as a tool for programmers and other it staff, but just seems to be loosing touch with simple folk again.

Brian G

Zerum, I agree it was not always on file manager menu but was always on the desktop as MYComputer easy to find.

zypp it…(what does that mean anyway)

Personally, I’m glad “My Computer” is gone. Reminded me too much of Windows.

On 03/28/2013 10:46 PM, ercoupeflyer wrote:
> zypp it…(what does that mean anyway)

written above “zypp it” was “kio_sysinfo is now available in repo

so his “zypp it” was shorthand for:

you can easily install kio_sysinfo by adding that repo and then
install with

zypper in kio_sysinfo