What does 'Standard' in the upper right corner of the screen do and how to get rid of it ?


There is the word ‘Standard’ in the upper right corner of the screen.
Why? And how to get rid of it ?



Maybe you could explain which screen. Grub, during boot, login screen, a desktop (which one).
You really do not provide much information to start from.

At a guess, without needing to know which GUI you’re using, it’s the KDE Plasma Desktop Toolbox – <https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kde-workspace/plasma-desktop/using-kapp.html#default-plasma-desktop&gt;.

With Leap 15.2, it’ll possibly disappear but, even with Leap 15.1, if, you press <Alt-Tab> you’ll see “Standard” as being the name of the name of the only KDE Plasma Activity configured – documentation here – <https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kde-workspace/plasma-desktop/activities-interface.html&gt;.

  • Think of “Activities” as being sets of Virtual Desktops in another dimension …

Hi Henk,

This is what I have on the screen info:

~> plasmashell --version 
plasmashell 5.12.8
~> kf5-config --version
Qt: 5.9.7
KDE Frameworks: 5.55.0
kf5-config: 1.0

I start the laptop, wait for a while, login, linux starts and once it settles down the word ‘Standard’ is in the upper right corner. there is some functionality associated with it. When I click it some menu appears. But most of the time it irritates me and I want it to go away.


Adding :

I can bring up the activity managing window. But no way to delete ‘Standard’ there.



Screenshot is needed.

You have by accident placed the “Activity bar” on your desktop.

You only have one activity and it is called “Standard”, not “Desktop” or “Büro oberfläche” (would it be called that in German? ;=). It is your desktop and you do not want to remove it.

You want to remove the widget. Before you remove the widget, read about activities in the links dcurtisfra supplied, you may like the concept.

Click right anywhere on your desktop and from the menu choose the option to change the layout (I do not know what it is called in German). If now you hover with the mouse cursor over the widget, it will show handles and a small menu, with a bin at the bottom. Click the bin and it will be deleted.

You can rename it – a <Space> or two is/are normally invisible …

  • Golden KDE Plasma “Law
    ” – or possibly, “Rule” – is, when in doubt, hover the Mouse Pointer either, over an Icon or, a Button or, a changeable text Field …

The help text will (magically) appear …

Be that as it may, the thing is a Plasmoid which has been placed on your Desktop –

  • With the Mouse Pointer <Left-Click-and-Hold> on the thing until, some configuration Icon Buttons appear – one of which is “delete” or “remove” or “close” – may well be a Trash Can or Rubbish Tin or Waste-paper Basket Icon Button – <Mouse-Hover> will display the relevant help text …
  • With Leap 15.1, <Right-Click> may offer some comparable configuration items – with Leap 15.2, this configuration method has disappeared …

Desktop” is/ist „Arbeitsfläche”.

  • KDE Plasma demands at least one Activity – if only one Activity, it can not be deleted …

The option is „Arbeitsfläche einrichten” …