What alternative is recommended to "FileZilla' by users. Graphical FTP client wanted.

  1. I am now running mostly on OpenSUSE, but I note comments on ‘FileZilla’ [Which I used on Windows] and that software manager shows an old version. What FTP client of graphical type do users recommend?

Well old only as in features… that’s the way Leap rolls, security/bug fixes only (looks like the newer version won’t build anyway due to library dependencies).

What desktop environment, on GNOME I just use Nautilus and sftp.

For KDE, the Dolphin file manager supports FTP/SFTP.

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been using the MC for FTP/SFTP.


And, more importantly these days, Dolphin integrates with KDE Connect – the most comfortable way to access the files on your (not so) “smart telephone”.

Yes, very important for those that need that kind of access. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Ages back, I tried KDE Connect, did not work for me, and I did not at the time feel like hunting down why, because …

I have been using Paul Lutus’ SSHelper all along, wireless connect my Android to my router and use ssh and sshfs for everything I can dream of doing between my Android and my PCs and Laptops.

Super slick, so KDE Connect (along with most other KDE stuff, lately) is not so important for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

20210522 I have now used Dolphin for the first time as Filezilla opened at wrong security certificate.

Thank you for recommendation

Assuming that, you have an Android mobile telephone, have you looked at KDE Connect and, the integration with Dolphin?

[HR][/HR]Please be aware, for proper Dolphin behaviour with respect to a LAN, you’ll have to ensure that, the systemd “avahi-daemon” Service and Socket are enabled and running.

  • You’ll also need a KDE Wallet with Blowfish encryption named “kdewallet” setup and, at the point in time when you access the network resource(s), open

With the Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD up and running, when you open “network:” in Dolphin, you should see all the devices on your LAN which are offering services and, the services being offered – for example, for the case of a QNAP NAS on my LAN –

  • http:
  • smb:
  • Workgroup Manager
  • afp:
  • ftp:
  • iTunes – digital audio Access
  • ssh:

A Kyocera printer offers –

  • http:
  • ipp:
  • PDL Printing
  • UNIX Printing

This openSUSE node offers –

  • sftp:
  • ssh:

It is by default. :wink:

Thanks very much for this Android information. I do not use a smartphone. Clamshell 2G text/call only used, no internet connection on it.
So connection was by Dolphin to my hosted server and it works straight away, once I entered the correct public_ftp URL.

I have a very old Android ‘smartphone’ (hand me down from daughter) only used to see Emails (duplicate of openSUSE set up) via WiFi at home, however it in not used as a phone.

Then, after activating the phone’s WiFi, you can install KDE Connect from the Google Play Store and, assuming that, KDE Connect is active on the Desktop machine, starting KDE Connect on the phone should indicate that the Desktop Machine has been discovered – tell the phone to connect – confirm the connection on the Desktop machine – and, off you go …

Regret, I have tried many times with KDE connect downloaded on this Android phone. (over about 6 months) It does not work or connect to laptop when laptop has KDE Connect loaded , and operational even when relevant ports are opened.
I have given up on KDE Connect. For me it is “KDE-does-not-connect”. I presume due to my firewall settings.

There’s this KDE User Base advice with respect to Firewall settings – <https://userbase.kde.org/KDEConnect#I_have_two_devices_running_KDE_Connect_on_the_same_network.2C_but_they_can.27t_see_each_other>

  • Most common error – failure to restart the Firewall daemon after changes to the settings have been made …