Weylus does not work even with wayland support enabled

I need to use a program like Weylus for when i draw thing using my ipad as a touchscreen

@40476 So did you compile from source etc? This one I assume https://github.com/H-M-H/Weylus?tab=readme-ov-file#wayland

I used a premade build from github

What prebuild packages do you mean? There seems to be no prebuild packages for rpm based distributions on the github page.
If you mean the weylus.zip file you need to follow the instructions. It might help if you read the complete readme of this app.

And it would be a big bonus for your potential helpers (and no work for you) if you could at least describe the real issue. “It does not work” is no error description…

Additionally, the developer said himself that this project is no longer maintained…

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Weylus crashes or just has other strange behavior.
(I will be opening a new thread for alternatives)

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