wesnoth starts automatically

Hello. I have installed the “battle for wesnoth” game a few days ago and 3 days ago the game started to open automatically when i login (i think it started just after the system crashed and i had to reset the machine). Does someone knows how to stop this application to start automatically without reinstalling it? (I would prefer not to loose my saved games).

Thank you.

That sounds like you were using wesnoth and did not exit properly before shutdown. Try starting wesnoth, quitting wesnoth, and logout & login again.

Tnx for your reply. I did that already, but the problem persists :|.

Try uninstalling the game. You can preserve all your games. If you are truly worried just move the folder to a backup.

No, of course, you don’t need to uninstall the game. This looks like a session bug.
Set your session manager to start with an empty session. Then relog (wesnoth won’t start now), and set back the session manager.
Hope that helps.

Yup, it worked :). Thanx!