website HTML to ODT or PDF format

I have a website tutorial series. I did ‘save as - webpage complete’ on each page. I need to link all those pages back together in either ODT or PDF format. I can use a website html to PDF converter, but the formatting gets garbled. Also, It does a decent job removing ads.

Using a website copier is impractical and tends to annoy website owners.

Libre Office Writer (ODT) and Libre Office DRAW (PDF).

Can I import an html and export it with all the images and formatting intact through either format? So, I have to do very little fixing. It’s just for my own local reference.

if you’re still using Firefox-ESR I’d recommend ScrapbookX
it can download linked pages has a tons of options
then you could open the downloaded html files in libreoffice and generate whatever you want
or try httrack
it has a gui and is simple to use
pdf is not meant to be an editable format and while there are a few pdf generators merging them would usually end with a messy look but you can try
Print pages to Pdf
it use to be on the mozilla addons site but with the death of xpcom addons it was removed it works great a direct link to the linux xpi
after converting the htm to pdf you could open them with LO and edit them

As long as I remember, it may cause issues when converting a fillable form to PDF I tried to fix this with third-party form-builder (like free MasterPDF or this paid one ) But with a little luck yet. Used to do so with ScraapbookX yet not sure it’s still kicking for real

Last two links are invalid. Thanks for the info. I use this one.

I have used httrack. It works, but takes a long time to save all pages.


Have you tried simply using Libreoffice Writer for everything?
It’s been awhile, but it used to be you could open an HTML page in Writer and save it to whatever you wanted.


I was stress thinking the same and looking for a solution perphaps this link help me solve my problem been doing this for about 3 days :slight_smile: thanks.

I can only save one page at a time. Will Libre Office build a PDF off an httrack website files?

I believe you edit ads out using libre office in PDF format.

this will help you to convert to PDF and ODT,