Webcam not working : Lenovo Thinkpad SL300


I’ve installed opensuse 11.1(64) on my laptop. Everything seems fine except for the webcam. Here are some info

  • I upgraded Opensuse to KDE 4.2
  • lsusb returns this info about the cam :
    iManufacturer 2 Syntek
    iProduct 3 USB2.0 UVC PC Camera

I’ve seen that there are syntek drivers in webcam repo but it says it must downgrade a lot of packages in order to do it…

Can someone guide me into this?

Did some research, posting more info here

In the opensuse webcam help section : HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

there is a list of supported UVC cams : Linux UVC driver & tools

there is a bunch of syntek usb cams there, but none with my device id (17ef:480a)

Is there anything else to check?

I’ve installed uvc drivers from webcam repos, but Kopete or lvcview just hang when I try to view cam