Webcam Dell 1420

Hi, i install OpenSuse 11.1 the live cd version on my laptop, and all the hardware works great, but after a few hours i decide to remove my some partitions ans reinstall all again this time i use the DVD install media, all works great, but when i try to use my webcam i recieve this message: “Video for Linux 2 (v4l2): No se puede identificar el dispositivo «/dev/video0».”

If anyone can help…

i dont know why with the live cd all works fine… and with the DVD doesnt.



Very sorry to hear about your webcam woes…
Please install a package called usb-utils
should be easy to find in Yast–>Install Software

then you can try a


I’m not sure if this needs to be run as root.
This will tell us all what kind of webcam
you have, and what driver you need…

Also, while you are installing usb-utils
try to install the uvc webcam driver, it
works on many different cams…

Good Luck!

Hi ajmctaggart, i install that package and now i can see the light of my webcam turn on during the boot, and now works when i run gstream-propierties.

Thank a lot.

But i dont know why i can’t use it with cheese ?

Any ideas ?

Cheese runs gstreamer…

from a command line try command


from there you can check video/audio input settings…

Sorry it took so long, I was on vacation w/o wireless…

Good Luck!

Hi thanks a lot.

I rin gstream-propierties and i can use the webcam, i also can usi it from Skype, but i don’t know what happend whith Cheese… i alredy try another gnomw based distro like Fedora and Ubuntu i their last version and u have the same problem… :frowning:

What version of Cheese are you on?

before you go and uninstall, reinstall cheese,


and check here…

Linux UVC driver & tools

for your webcam, if it’s there install the uvc driver from
Yast>Software Update

Hope you can get this thing working! I love Cheese! The guys that make it are also very helpful, but let’s not go that route until we have to…

Good Luck!

I assume you are using Gnome,

From Software Install, you can
roll back your version of gstreamer
which is what I’ve had to do in the past

Make sure your under tab “Currently Installed,”
and go to gstreamer…

On Bottom right of window is the “Available,”

roll back “Downgrade,” to an older version

Restart Cheese, I bet it will work…