Web proxy

I wanted to know how many here use a web proxy and if they are a good idea. If so which do you use and how do you know if they are secure. Basically, I want to know if they are useful or just for perverts.

You calling me a pervert? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a web proxy but it’s my own and it’s to filter out ads. I use adzap in conjunction with squid. It’s more to remove the annoyance of blinking ads that try to grab your attention. Similarly I have flashblock to stop autoplaying videos.

If you use somebody else’s proxy, you are trusting that person with your browsing history. Do you really want to do that?

Man I’m clueless, what do you mean you use your own? How? Are there no trusted free ones to use?

I run squid on my computer. I don’t know of free ones out there and I’m not interested in them anyway. Obviously you have different reasons than I have for wanting a proxy.

I do a most of my internet activity through an anonymizer (tor/polipo) anymore. It’s not just for perverts. :wink:

Ok thx guys for the responses, i just dont see the point in wanting to be anonymous or what not. I guess my privacy, but I’m not that interesting that others will be concerned. Or does a proxy add a level of security.

It does in that it hides your identity from snoopers or malicious sites. There are still other precautions to take.