Web Browser Problem - Help, Please

I have recently installed OpenSuse 13.2 on my T61 Lenovo laptop. I have sound, wifi, and connectivity. What I seem to be having trouble with is web browsers.

I can’t log into my codeweavers account or register my CrossOver Linux with either Firefox or Konqueror - it simply won’t recognize my login and password. Yet when I go to my old desktop running Opensuse 13.1 I can log in just fine at codeweavers.

What can I do to check my browser is working properly?

(And Chromium won’t start at all, though news on this group suggests that may be a problem with the kernel.)

Purely a guess. Perhaps codeweavers also relies on a cookie which is on 13.1 but not on 13.2. Have you copied all your hidden files from 13.1 to 13.2?