Weather Widget Gone From Plasma?

I see that in the new KDE Plasma widgets, they no longer have the weather widget.
How can I get this again? I saw the Yahoo weather widget under Get New Widgets,
but can’t seem to figure out how to install it. Seen Here:

Anyone share their wisdom?

Right-click on the KDE desktop > Add Widgets > Get New Widgets
From there I was able to search ‘weather’ and the weather widget was listed amongst others as available to install.

Hi, I DID do this… and tried installing Yahoo and the two others that are listed.
When you install another (topic of) widget from the list, it gets put into the
widgets list. But for ALL of these weather widgets, NONE of them have been
added to the widgets list and have no idea how to implement them into my panel.

I’ve been missing weather. However, I notice that the tray “weather forecast” is back for 42.2 Alpha 3.

I’m not sure what you’re missing, but hopefully others can advise further. After I’d installed the weather widget it was available for selection, and I did (briefly) add it to my desktop.

The weather widget is indeed missing in Leap 42.1, because it had not been ported to Plasma5 yet.

It got re-added in Plasma 5.6.0, but 42.1 only has 5.5.5.
42.2 will come with 5.8, and already has 5.7 at this point, so it should be available there.

To get it in 42.1, you’d need to upgrade Plasma from the additional KDE repos:

Note that you should do a full switch to those repos, otherwise there may be problems caused by a mix of package versions.